In today’s savage, poisonous environment that encourages sexuality (abrahmacharya), how can one establish safe-side for oneself? With the atmosphere of harmful influences surrounding you from all sides, how can you save yourself with the support of the understanding of Knowledge (Gnan)?
Despite knowing the consequences of sexuality and sexual impulses, on what basis do we become entrapped in those circumstances over and again? And how can we break free from this?

Is there any scientific understanding through which the basis on which sexuality and sexual impulses arise can be known?
Does happiness that is beyond the happiness obtained from sexuality and sexual impulses really exist? Is there really happiness in sexuality or is it just imaginary? Despite obtaining sexual pleasures, why does the hunger for it increase rather than decrease? Is it possible to come out of this vicious circle?

In this era, such an Akram Scientist, a Gnani Purush emerged; who has revealed this Knowledge scientifically.
It is possible to progress in brahmacharya (absolute freedom from sexuality through the mind, speech, and body) with the right understanding. Instead of making changes to the effects (karya), there is a need to make changes to the causes (karano). Therefore, it is worth nurturing the intent that, ‘May no fault related to sexuality occur through the mind, speech, or body in any way.’

Do you want to understand this Science and experience real happiness? Without attaining the Knowledge of the Self (Atmagnan), sexuality and sexual impulses are not such that they will leave, and the taste of Your own eternal happiness will not arise. Even today, in this terrible environment of the current era of the time cycle of Kaliyug, pure brahmacharya through the mind, speech, and body is possible. If you want to experience it, then definitely check out this website.

This is our humble attempt that with the true understanding of brahmacharya, you too are able to wash out all offences and faults to experience a state free of sexual impulses through intent and ultimately in conduct.

Vishay thi chhutva
Vishay na jokhamo
Vaignanik samjan
Sacha sukh ni samaj
Akram Vignan Thaki
Sansar bandhanothi Mukt thava mate
Jivan no Dhyey
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